CREATING good work takes time, effort and a whole lot of heart.

But that's what makes it worth it, right? Blood, sweat and tears, that sentiment rings true here. Truly we were all born out of a cathartic need to create, and filmmaking and photography just make the most sense to me.

You'll find that I embrace a cosmic sense of storytelling and wonder in my work. I know it's important to approach every story uniquely, and to exist in those moments of inspiration as honestly and habitually as possible. Always I intend to leave a visual keepsake that tugs at your nostalgia while still looking toward the future with a mindful eye.

No matter the project at hand I dive heart first into the story with you to explore its depths then resurface with a collaborative creation that everyone involved can be proud of. I don’t want to just capture the moment. I want to live in it right there with you.

Photo by Jonathan Ramanujam

Photo by Jonathan Ramanujam

big american story

created and cultivated by

Everett Thomas Fitch



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