Live and die by these 3 principles for good branded content

If you live by these three principles for your brand then good branded content will follow. And your audience will grow in both numbers and loyalty. If you don’t live by these principles then your brand may very well die someday. Because, ultimately, there’s nothing for people to hold on to, to connect to, to help them understand why your brand is any different than your competition.

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4 tips on how to improve your IGTV game

Instagram’s IGTV is on the rise. Brands are jumping on this platform more and more these days. And they’re building up their channels with engaging, original content.

There are a lot of diverse video channels out there already. You’ll see your favorite fashion and outdoor brands to independent media content you respect to e-celebrities you’ve followed for years and more. And they’re all creating unique, core-brand content for their community.

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5 practices to help fuel a creative eye

Any filmmaker, photographer or visual creative will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work to attain a unique eye. There is such a thing as innate talent. But no one’s born with their own pre-packaged style and perspective ready to go. Style takes time. Perspective takes experience and hard work.

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