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My outlandish love for synth-filled music has brought me here

In terms of sounds that please us, that liven up our senses, synths top the list. That's a broad statement in regards to the near-infinite amount of synth-filled music out there. But we were born in the 80s. Creepy Jim Henson creatures and dark, dreamy synths permeate our unconscious mind. We’re not historians of the instruments nor the genres, we only know what’s a hit to us, what makes our souls catch neon fire and our hearts leap from our chests in nostalgic euphoria.

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Know each other, know the outdoors, explore together

Getting to know each other is vital to our survival. We understand each other by sharing our deepest held beliefs and most intimate dreams. We learn to grow our empathy by expressing our vulnerabilities. Common ground, common passions, common pleasures, common pain, if we open up on the inside we don’t have to shut down on the outside.

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