Mobile video: Why it’s important to keep your social audience engaged


written by Everett Thomas Fitch

We live in a highly visual society. We’re visual learners. Visual addicts. Visual consumers.

We carry around videos in our pockets at the ready to show friends and family. Why? Because we like to define our tastes by what we connect with and what we connect with is seeing stories about humans being humans, from inspirational stories to hilarious viral videos. We share so we can relate to each other. And mobile is the quickest, most effective way to do so.

Anymore, video is integral to marketing strategy. It has been a growing medium for advertising purposes for years largely thanks to social media. Instagram—with its story and IGTV features—has made mobile video even more potent because of its wide reach.

If you’re a brand that wants to increase your reach while forging a deeper connection with your existing audience, then yes, you need to utilize the power of mobile video. Here are some quick statistics from Smart Insights and Renderforest about the current efficacy of video marketing.

  • 83% of marketers believe that video is growing in importance.

  • 53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media (when it comes to millennials, this figure increases, with 66% engaging with a brand after watching a video in their social media feed).

  • 90% of viewers say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.

  • 72% prefer video over text when learning about a product or service.

  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.


And here are some predictions about the trajectory of mobile video in the coming years (provided by Tubular Insights).

  • By 2020, over 75% of global mobile data traffic will be video content.

  • Smartphones will account for 81% of total mobile traffic by 2020 – up from 76% in 2015.


What do you do with this information? Start cultivating a community for your brand, one in which you can communicate actively with your social audience. It will only strengthen that very real, very honest human interaction you’re craving as a business. In essence, you can get your clients and customers to see a different side of your brand. You can show them the part they actually want to see, the humanity beyond the brand.

What pays off in the long run is developing consistent mobile video content.

Take Barebones Living, a wonderful client of ours, for example. They’re an outdoor lifestyle brand that focuses on “open-fire cooking, nature-centered dining and transformative communal experiences.” They sell “outdoor products to help you get outside.” How does their audience connect with that? Not through words alone. Not through pictures alone, either. What a lot of people connect to is seeing their mission through their mobile video content.

Video has the power to drive connection to conversion more effectively than any other medium.

Because we knew this when we we went in we started creating mobile video content for Barebones Living to help drive social growth and bring awareness to their mission, from behind-the-scenes event highlights to how-to’s and more. We started by asking some very basic questions.

+ How can Barebones’ social audience connect with their products before purchasing them? Through mobile product videos they can host on their Instagram profile that illustrate real-life use cases.




+ How can Barebones’ audience connect with their products once in hand? Through mobile how-to videos that demonstrate everyday uses, from crafting cocktails with experts to foraging for floral arrangements out in the wild.




Barebones Living’ ultimate goal is to create a community that inspires others to get outdoors. If their social audience gets outdoors all while using their craftsmanlike products, that’s all the better. But it starts with awareness, trust and connection. Always.

We help them achieve that goal through brand-focused, highly engaging, highly consistent mobile video content that can be delivered straight to their target audience. Ultimately it’s about providing valuable information and sharing it across your social media platforms like Instagram (specifically with their story and IGTV features).

At Big American Story we hold both the marketing of video and the artistry of storytelling in equal regard. Our focus is on sharing and empowering the human story.

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