On community, firebuilding and fresh food from the wilds of the west

written December 15, 2017


October 28, 2017 is a day I won't soon forget. I was invited by Barebones Living to attend and film their unique Forage to Fire event high up in the mountains near Morgan, Utah (Barebones is a socially conscious, local Utah company that designs and develops long-lasting camping, cooking and gardening tools for the outdoorsperson in all of us).

What's Forage to Fire? It's an intimate, soulful gathering centered on sustainability where local, wild- and farm-sourced food serves as the catalyst in drawing people together. So we can think and act more like a community, so we can connect on a deeper level, far beneath the surface, so we can carry that positive charge and let it ripple out for as far and as long as we let it into our daily lives.

And who was in attendance? Some venerable names from a variety of industries.

Under Canvas contributed their functional AND beautiful canvas tents. City Home Collective provided their unique design elements. Nice & Easy Bartending Co., in partnership with Sugar House Distillery, supplied a much needed cocktail hour to get the evening going. La Barba made sure everyone stayed warm at the end of the night with a hot cup of coffee. Secret Supper not only made the whole night possible but gorgeous as well with their singular styling, organizational efforts and talent. And of course Tournant (Jaret Foster and Mona Johnson with the help of Joe Rodriguez) - lit by a massive open fire and waning autumn daylight - prepared the communal feast of a lifetime.

But well before glasses clinked and laughter echoed through the small valley in which Barebones Ranch calls home we were able to catch up with Jaret Foster, co-founder of Tournant to learn about the mission of his boutique catering company, his passion for live-fire cooking and what really started it all. Watch the full interview below.